Somerset swimming pool

Written on 13th September, 2022

In April 2021, we were contacted by some existing clients who were interesting in installing a swimming pool and a hot tub in the one remaining undeveloped part of their garden. There were some outbuildings in various states of disrepair, with some fantastic views out to an ancient hilltop fort.

Design work began in June, and construction began 6 months later, at the start of November. Quite a long lead in time on the face of it but this is fairly typical; the design and plans had to be drawn up, a certificate of lawful development was required from the council, a specification for the works had to be written, and quotes obtained from contractors before one was appointed, and booked in.

Of course the project wasn’t just all about the swimming pool. It had to sit comfortably in its new surroundings, with the right amount of planting, and paving. The outbuildings were also restored and converted. Some were opened up on one side, to create a shelter, and a hole was punched through the back wall in line with the middle of the pool, connecting the pool garden to the walled garden. Part of that too, was repaved, and replanted.

By April we were ready for planting. The client asked for a mix of colours, to include blues, purples, greys and whites, among a modest matrix of grasses. Flowering times were geared more towards mid/late summer when the pool would likely be more heavily used, in school holidays, and during the height of summer.

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