West Sussex

The owners of this garden on the south coast had recently renovated the interior and had built a cottage at the end of the garden. The garden was overgrown and required a complete overhaul.

The brief was to make the garden appear as ’undesigned’ and as natural as possible, and to hide any boundaries in order to make it feel wider.

Everything except for a couple of interesting trees was removed. A separate cottage garden was also created, using mature hornbeam hedges to divide the two areas.

In the main garden, additional specimen trees were planted. The terrace was re-laid with reclaimed York stone and edged with lavender and alliums. Around the edges of the garden, climbing roses, honeysuckles and clematis were planted. Box ball topiaries were planted and a wildflower turf was laid around the trees and box balls.

In the slip garden around the cottage, raised beds were created from hazel hurdles, and planted with a mixture of cottage garden style perennials.

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